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    Another great tool

  • by Polo.R | Sep 30, 2015
    I have been using InciNotes since its release back in 2013, Great Application for managing Type 3 Wildfire Incidents or any type of all risk incidents. I was excited to download InciNotes ICS 214 application when I saw it was released. I purchased InciNotes ICS 214 on 9/11 what a fitting date to release such a great application. InciNotes ICS 214 works just like the description says in the Apple App Store. Just as in InciNotes, I can send out real time reports with the touch of a finger to any one that needs to be in the know. It's amazing how it streamlined, simple and easy it makes documenting you ICS 214 unit log. Customer service is awesome if I need technical support; the InciNotes team is has been there for me 24/7. I applaud the InciNotes team for listening to me feed back and incorporating that feedback into future releases. Thanks Polo Rodriguez
  • Technology Era is Here...

  • by ANF Patrol Captain | Sep 20, 2015
    InciNotes ICS 214 is one of a kind. The documentation process for any incident can now be filled out and shared with only a few clicks. InciNotes are really leading the way with their revolutionizing apps. Their 201 application allows for the easy management of any type of incident. Building an IAP within a few minutes and sending it out is also just as easy. I highly recommend these applications to all emergency service personnel.
  • Great ICS 214 APP

  • by gfort1 | Sep 18, 2015
    I have been using InciNotes ICS 214 app for a week now, I really like how it stream lines the documentation process. I love how I can add photos and GPS coordinates to the events log.The ability to send real time reports is a nice feature of the app. Overall great app, user friendly. Highly recommend using this app for Unit Log documentation!PDF 100
  • Awesome App For Firefighters & First Responders

  • by FirefirefighterDV1 | Sep 12, 2015
    I bought InciNotes ICS 214 app yesterday and cant wait to use it on an incident. The app is so user friendly, it makes documenting Events in your ICS 214 Unit Log easy, fast and fun. The fact that you can document with photos and add GPS coordinates to the Events is amazing.I purchased InciNotes ICS 201 documentation about a year ago, I was hesitant because of the high price tag of 249.99, once I purchased mastered the app and created my first Incident Action Plan in minutes, I knew the app was worth the purchase price! Of special note this is an amazing tool for Incident Commanders Type 3, I use it all the time!The InciNotes Team has done it again with the creation of InciNotes ICS 214. I canít wait to see what the InciNotes Team creates next for First Responders and Firefighters.Fire Fanatic
  • Chief

  • by Retired helmet | Oct 14, 2015
    InciNotes ICS 214 is a great tool to enhance your Incident Command toolbox. Documenting events on any incident, (regardless of rank or position) whether youíre a Firefighter, Engine Captain or the Incident Commander, provides the ability to simplify the process, and send out real time reports. Attaching photos with GPS coordinates, is also an awesome feature. Iíve been a user of InciNotes ICS 201/214, so purchasing this application was a deal, and has the same amazing technology and integration capabilities which keeps you up to date. Retired Helmet

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