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ICS 214 Unit Log App Ideal for Disasters

Developed for the iPhone and iPad, the first release of the InciNotes ICS 214 application includes support for tracking incident Events, Team Members, Operational Periods, and create completed 214 forms with the press of a button, with photo and geographic coordinate Attachments. With a brand new User Interface, InciNotes ICS 214 is fully functional with the new "Split View" and "Slider Over" features available in iOS 9.0 later this year. Includes file sharing for quick reference with work team members, incident management teams, planning sections and more!

InciNotes is the only app specifically designed for ICS 201 documentation, and now the same breakthrough technology is available for team leaders, making ICS 214 documentation simple and easy. InciNotes ICS 214 simplifies the documentation process for all critical and non-critical aspects of an incident, using your iPhone or iPad.

Features Include:

  • Document any kind of event by adding custom event types, attaching GPS coordinates, or attaching images.
  • Log all team personnel, ICS positions, and phone numbers.
  • Create reports in an instant, containing all the data for an Operational Period.
  • Easily print, e-mail, message, or upload reports to other team members, supervisors, or documentation repositories.
  • 24-hour technical support.
  • More coming soon!

InciNotes ICS 214 follows the FEMA Standard Operating Procedures for first responders, and meets requirements for Incident Command System 214 documentation (NIIMS) All Risk Incidents.

Only $4.99

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